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It’s wonderful to get to see Laura again. It’s been over two years since the first time we met in person. She went to the Philippines to interview girls for her girl empowerment platform, She Is The Universe.

Laura is very generous to sponsor three of our current students and also recognize the work we do at Bliss. She is our first partner, mentor and cheerleader. On the most recent and final World Domination Summit event held on June 25 and 26 in Portland, Oregon, she was one of the keynote speakers. Before the actual event happened, just seeing her on the program made my heart melt. It gave me such an overwhelming joy and hope in my heart.

Witnessing Laura speak, I shed tears of pride and inspiration. Every step she takes forward even including her setbacks, she still overcomes them all and achieve for the girls she want to empower. I am one of the girls she continues to inspire with her actions and dedication. Her being up on stage has opened up a gate of possibilities for me, for her girls and for bliss’ students. She’s our pioneer and our leader. She makes everything we ever dreamed of that seems out of reach is within our reach after all.

Laura gives the best gift anyone truly asks for, SUPPORT. Thank you Laura. I am so grateful that I spoke up about Bliss before. Have I not done that, and kept that to myself we would’ve never crossed paths.

It was also such a pleasure to meet Sara, now co-founder of She Is The Universe. I am so glad that both of them are now working together. I love seeing She Is The Universe evolve and continue on.

I’m very honored to have spent some time with them even just for a little.

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