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Make Shopping Fulfilling

Make Shopping Fulfilling!

Did you know that you can help support nonprofits just by shopping? It may sound funky but you sure can! If you currently don’t have the money to donate, nor the time and effort to volunteer, you can just shop as usual and feel great about it.

If you are in the US and you use Amazon to shop for some or most of the items you need, there is a way for you to setup a nonprofit you would like to support. For every transaction you make, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of the eligible AmazonSmile purchases.

You may think that 0.5% is so little, but for our cause, every penny counts. Know that each time you shop, you help change people’s lives.

I had a video call last night with Santa Barbara Pangasinan Association in America Inc. (SBPAAi) members, Uncle Sal, Uncle Mau and Aunt Tita, to discuss registration of their nonprofit with AmazonSmile. SBPAAi is a well established nonprofit led by benevolent previous residents of Santa Barabara who now in the US and are relentless in continuing to help struggling people in their hometown. Their group is conscientious and action-oriented to fill the needs of the people. Hence, a great organization to support once their account is set up.

Stay tuned for the instructions on how to choose SBPAAi as the charity org you support when you shop at Amazon.

I would’ve loved to do the same for Bliss, however, our nonprofit status is still being processed.

For anyone out there who are wanting to start a nonprofit, want some guidance with setting up AmazonSmile or any questions regarding charity, feel free to contact us. We would gladly help you out.

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