Bliss Foundation Ph

Bliss is not limited for the sole purpose of assisting the students financially for their studies but has now grown into a loving family. Bliss continues to build supportive and long lasting connections with the founders and each other.

About Us

Hello! We are very pleased to meet you. We have been friends for more than half of our life.

Nineteen years now to be exact.

We all met back in high school. Bryan was a year ahead of us and just naturally became our big brother. We have stuck through thick and thin, joys and fights and every moment of our lives since then.

Our friendship, will, and determination were put on a test when Bryan could not attend college due to financial reasons. We all pitched in in any and every way we could. And after four long years in college, we all did it!

That success served as proof that we can accomplish any feat together. Thus, the rise of Bliss Scholarship now rebranded as Bliss Foundation PH.

The Bliss Team

Inspiring and supporting students to reach their full potential

Diane Dugay Peralta


A curious, lifelong learner and an action-oriented empath, she is the founder, sponsor, and president of Bliss Scholarship.

Bryan de Guzman

Director of Operations

A trustworthy friend and a loving but strict brother to the Bliss team, he is the backbone providing structure and order to our organization.

Rhodalyn Calica

Student Counselors

A jolly, calm, and a good listener who loves nature, she’s a counselor and/or a mentor who believes in teenagers’ and young adult’s potential.

Ma. Sharine Bancolita

Student Counselors

An easy-going and open-minded person, she’s a counselor who brings forth a welcoming warmth whenever and wherever she goes.