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First School Kits Giveaway

Streets to School Ilocos Chapter and Bliss Scholarship Foundation collaborated today at Balogo Pandel, Binmaley, Pangasinan.  A day filled with so much fun for all the kids and volunteers.  

I have mentioned this event before and it warms my heart that it’s done and was a success.  Some of our Bliss scholars volunteered and some of the volunteers brought their siblings with them to volunteer as well.  Their day started as early as 5am. Picked up everyone at designated spots and times to make it at Balogo on time by 7am. 

They had a 7-10 min boat ride to the island village of Balogo Pandel.  They said it was so exciting to get to see the kids wave at them even before their boat docked.  They did some storytelling, colored their coloring storybooks, played games and gave them school supplies.  

I may not have been with them but just seeing the photos with all of their bright smiles made my day and filled my heart.  

Thanks to Nicole Vergara for connecting Bliss to STS.  Thanks to Cess Delos Angeles and her team for organizing this event. Thanks to our volunteers.  And overall, thank you to everyone supporting Bliss and STS. 

We are determined to do more activities like this for the community.

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