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Surprise Homecoming Party

May 22nd was the day I was coming home to my hometown in Pangasinan. I arrived at 4:20 in the morning and excitedly updated my family, friends and Bliss students of my arrival in Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2. It was already pre-planned to have some of our Bliss students over in that afternoon to help me do some dusting at home. But really, I wanted to hang out with them especially the students who are graduating this coming couple of months.

I arrived at home around 9:30am with five students already waiting for me. (Awwwwww, my heart just melted).  They were a little earlier but it was totally fine.  I still had some grocery shopping to do that I let most of them stay there to wait for the other students to come. But before I left, I took out the Cover Your Assets card game to play with.  We did a quick round for them to learn the ropes. It was fun and left them to it.

I went and picked up my friend, Bryan, to help me out with getting groceries. The weather was surprisingly nice as it wasn’t devastatingly hot. After a few hours, we got back home ready for snacks and preparations for dinner when as I entered the house, got shocked to hear all of them say “welcome home!” then see all of them gathered up with a cake, banner and a bouquet. Definitely not something I expected but deeply appreciated. This was immediately followed by a large group hug!

This is the first time we had a less restricted gathering since February 2020.

After our games, snacks and dinner, we dropped most of them in their respective towns to catch a ride to get home. The ones who lived way further, were dropped them off at their homes. This was such an amazing time and it was just the beginning!

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