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Exciting New Beginnings

This is the moment everyone has been waiting for! We are very excited to announce our new Bliss scholars for 2022. But first, we’d like to express our sincerest gratitude for your patience especially because our announcement got delayed.

Not so long ago, supporting students’ college education on my own was one of the things that most people thought was just a phase in my life that I would soon grow out of. With my dear friend’s support, we were able to officially start Bliss Scholarship. Together we endured the adventure into the unknown that required us to be flexible to adjustments, learn from trial and error and continuously improve our program.

It has been a long journey since and we know that this is just the beginning. Every year, as our scholarship continues to progress in helping more students and their families, we also started to have people and different organizations who started to support and continue to support our cause.

I just would like to acknowledge that Laura Pena, founder of She Is The Universe, who had been supporting our cause since 2020. She had been giving two of our scholars a platform that empowers them and their other fellow girls across the world to achieve their dreams. She is generously extending her support to one student this year and we are very thankful.

Late February of this year was the beginning of our relationship with HRI who has given us the opportunity to open our 2022 application. It’s a blessing we did not expect but we are appreciate your overwhelming support.

To the rest of the people who support us in so many different ways, thank you. Your support inspires us to go the distance to change more Filipino family’s lives.

Thank you to all the students who applied for Bliss Scholarship. I can’t reiterate enough that all of you have done a wonderful job. I hope that even if you did not get selected this time, feel free to apply again next time. And stay updated on our facebook page for updates on our collaboration with other scholarship programs in Pangasinan.

Last but not the least, I’d like to share the highlight of this post, the list of our 2022 Bliss Scholars! Congratulations and welcome to Bliss Scholarship Foundation. One of our current Bliss Scholars, Funny Joy, will be reaching out to you shortly for the next steps. Congratulations

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