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Kindred Spirits

I’ve heard of “kindred spirits” before but it never bothered me enough to actually find out what it means. I just assumed that 1) it holds a positive meaning, 2) maybe the root word is “kind”? and 3) it sure sounds cool.

Today, I finally feel like I’m starting to get all caught up on rest (somewhat). I have been updating our Blissful Blog and website, chatting ang joking around with our scholars, crossing things off of my planner and for the grand finale, drum roll please! Loading the laundry. I wish that someday I could post blogs on the same day of my activities. But hey, before, I didn’t even blog at all so this is a bright start! Work in progress — good job.

Recently, before Bliss even held the qualifying exams and all of these previous eventful days happening, our Bliss email received a message on May 12 titled “Assistance In Creating a Website”. Just seeing the title alone, my immediate response is “Of course! Yes! Sure!” I would love to help someone out. Reading the content of the message, he mentions that he also shares the same advocacy of wanting to help students in studying for college. Furthermore, his group is providing college scholarships. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I was unknowingly doing some crazy dances and air punches in between reading this email. I’ve never met another person who does the same thing let alone a group! I don’t know why I didn’t know anyone but here’s a chance to get to know someone, and they’re a “group” of people. He also further specifies that the “blog is very good”. I guess at this point I probably have both hands on my cheeks and jumping up and down. Just for the simple fact that I know that someone actually looked at my blog. I was so excited to say the least.

Of course after taking the time to compose myself but still with evident rush of excitement, I responded to say yes. Then I asked for a best suitable time to talk so I can answer any of their questions. I gave my phone number so we could text or call directly if it helps. Never has it crossed my mind that this was going to be a start of a supernova of information, collaboration, brainstorms, guidance, support and of course my favorite, possibilities! Who did I meet? It’s none other than… Dr. Mauro Nepomuceno, aka our Uncle Mau.

Talking to Uncle Mau and listening to his dedication, I can’t help but be in awe. His open-mindedness and courage to try things out then make adjustments for any challenges along the way is the one that resonated with me the most. It’s funny how our initial conversation, which is the same day of the email by the way, we talked about each other’s scholarship programs then eventually got to know more of each other’s info days later. We discussed the length of time we’ve been providing scholarship, the pang in our hearts when we respond “sorry I don’t know of any” when students ask us if there are any other scholarships we know of that they can apply to. We compared our eligibilities and requirements, the populations we serve, the process of it all. The conversation was endless! It was amazing!

I don’t know why I never connected with other people or organizations with scholarship programs. I’m sure it must have crossed my mind and I know that they exist. I just never knew who they were. And now with Uncle Mau together with his organization, Santa Barbara Pangasinan Association in America Inc., we’ll be helping each other towards our goals to help and serve. And we will be connecting with even more people and organizations who we share the same advocacies.

I would like to give Uncle Mau the credit for connecting Bliss and Streets to School (STS) to the Santa Barabara Municipal Library; for connecting us to Sir JP Ordona who generously donated books picked up by STS for Sta. Barbara Municipal Library’s Book Drive, for me to meet the Santa Barbara Pangasinan Association in America Inc. at their Picnic Day in Hayward, California on August 6th; for sharing his ideas on community storytelling, tree planning and planting, book drives etc.; and so much more to thank him for, which are all still in the works. Thank you for broadening our perspectives by sharing your experiences, life lessons and endless compassion. We are all so lucky to have you as our Uncle Mau. Your efforts will never go unnoticed.

And as for me, thank you for being my long lost kindred spirit — “a person whose interests or attitudes are similar to one’s own. Translates to magkamag-anak na espiritu.” from Google. Lol!

1 thought on “Kindred Spirits”

  1. Mauro V. Nepomuceno

    “Kindred spirits” indeed …..and the thought fills the aging soul with more energy as I welcome another – truly very special – one added to my limited list! 👍
    I am more used to bashings though 🤗 and wary of a blog which borders on eulogy! 😁 Hey, I can’t die until I help sent at least 100 scholars to college, directly or indirectly.
    Thank you so much anyway for putting into words what I would have said about you as well!
    Here’s to a long and meaningful partnership for a worthy advocacy!!! 🙏👏✔️👍

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