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New Office Clean-Up Drive

by Sweet Kyle Victorio

WAREY, MALASIQUI – On June 1, 2024, from 10 AM to 5 PM, 34 volunteer scholars of Bliss Scholarship Foundation participated in the clean-up drive of their new office at Warey, Malasiqui, Pangasinan, led by scholars, Bayani Jimenez and Hannah Rivera.

Bliss is thrilled to share the successful clean-up and of their new office, provided by the Molina Family, the in-laws of Sir Bryan de Guzman, one of the co-founders of the foundation. This marks a significant milestone for the foundation, enabling a dedicated workspace for the scholars and staff to conduct projects, research, and plan upcoming activities.

In the days leading up to the event, volunteers were busy preparing for the clean-up. They bought supplies needed, planned meals and assigned tasks to everyone participating. On the day of the event, some of the volunteers arrived up to two hours early to get a head start. As the event began, some volunteers prepared meals, ensuring that everyone was well-fed. The volunteers rotated workloads, allowing everyone to contribute equally to the cleaning and meal preparations.

The volunteers worked diligently to transform the area into a welcoming and functional environment. With their hard work, the clean-up drive was completed earlier than expected, leaving time for the volunteers to bond. “It was exhausting yet enjoyable since the heart of hard work by every scholar made the success of the event,” said Florando Lamsen, one of the volunteer scholars.

While there were no external sponsors for the event, the foundation expressed their gratitude to the family of Sir Bryan for providing snacks to the volunteers.

Bliss Scholarship Foundation expressed their gratitude to the Molina Family and the volunteers.

“Thank you for cleaning and finishing the first coat of paint, volunteer scholars! Thank you again for the generosity of the Molina family for allowing us to use this space as Bliss Scholarship Foundation’s office. We are grateful beyond words!” said Bliss Scholarship Foundation via facebook page.

The Molina family’s support to the foundation is deeply appreciated, making it a symbol of hope and progress. The new office is expected to be open for use this coming September 2024 after all repairs are done and basic office furniture and supplies are ready to use.

The volunteers, for their part, were all smiles and felt satisfaction upon completing the activity.

“Amazing, I reconnected with my co-scholars. Honestly, I didn’t feel any tiredness because there was so much laughter. The small boundaries between us disappeared as we became more open with each other,” Bayani Jimenez said.

Bayani added that having an accessible office for Bliss is a way for the scholars to be connected and have a safe space.

John Manuel Cayabyab also shared his experience, stating that, “It was fun. I can’t process exhaustion during the clean-up because I was enjoying it.” Teamwork and unity were also highlighted by Dynne Miralles, who said, “We became close even with the new Bliss Scholars. And everyone was eager to help accomplish tasks quickly, especially when some of the scholars had to leave early for personal reasons.”

“For me having an accessible office for Bliss means that we are given an opportunity to have a workspace where we can do our activities and it serves as our home in Bliss where we can meet our Bliss Family,” said Cristina Cortez.

Another volunteer scholar, John Ivan Logan, echoed Cristina’s sentiment, adding that having an office for Bliss would be very helpful in terms of meetings, it can also be helpful in storing items that are needed in the foundation. He added that the office could also serve as a second home for all the scholars where they can build memories together.

Ma’am Diana Dugay Peralta, the founder of Bliss Scholarship Foundation, was deeply moved by how many scholars see the new office as a “second home”—a place where they can come together, support each other, and foster a sense of belonging.

With the new office space, Bliss is poised to support their scholars. This workspace will not only facilitate various events and activities within the foundation but will also provide a conducive environment for connection and collaboration. Bliss Scholarship Foundation aims to provide a safe and nurturing environment for its scholars, rooted in the belief that education is the best investment for the youth. Recognizing the challenges that many students face, the foundation offers support and assistance to those in need, ensuring that no one is left behind.

By empowering youth, the foundation aims to unleash the potential within each scholar, fostering a future where success is attainable for all. As the foundation continues to grow, it looks forward to seeing more graduates and expanding its services to serve wider range of people in the community. The foundation is dedicated to its mission, working tirelessly to create opportunities and pave the way for a brighter future.

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