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Bliss is ‘Home’

Some may argue that as life becomes more hectic, individuals forget to check in with the people who matter most to them, but former Bliss scholars appear to disagree.

Last 25th of February, former Bliss scholars who graduated in 2019 namely, Elaine, Reneath and Fred came over for a surprise visit for Bryan at his residence. Elaine was one of the first batch of students when Bliss had officially started granting scholarships in 2016. Reneath and Fred became scholars a year later. The trio had been classmates in college and even when they somewhat split paths after choosing different majors, English, Science and MAPEH respectively, they remained as close as ever until now.

They are now currently employed as teachers in three different high schools in the area. They arrived around noon and enjoyed lots of catching up, basically talking about everything. Some of which were about how they miss coming to Bliss events like when they were in college, Korean pop culture, work experiences, interactions with their students, their funny stories about their dating ventures and more.

Laughs are guaranteed when these three are around. They are so hilarious that you’ll get stomach pains from laughing. Bryan said they had so much fun talking that they didn’t realize that it was getting late and they bid their goodbyes at 6pm.

Although Bliss never requires any of the graduate scholars to help or visit in Bliss events nor do we ask for visits like this, it is warmly appreciated. So much that I sure bet Bryan was touched. Maybe even cried a little. Okay, that’s a little too much but you know what I mean. LOL! We love that they continue to keep in touch and even go out of their way of their already busy individual schedules to come and visit. It’s no doubt very rewarding for us to feel their continued gratitude and most especially, for Bliss to not just be a scholarship but to really feel like being a part of a family in a home where you belong.

P.S. I’m a little jealous of Bryan now!

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