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Sharing is Caring

“It’s this time (of crisis) when you find out who truly cares and looks after each other. When you and your siblings grow up, I want all of you to help and care for others.”

This is a statement Mhai holds near and dear to her heart.  It served and continues to serve as an inspiration for her during this COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a lesson she learned from her mom and continues to apply it in any way possible. 

Mhai is one of our scholars who is in her sophomore year studying Public Administration.  Other than catching up with school work while at home, she also committed to do something to help her family and the community.

Before Pangasinan (our home province in the Philippines) started the lockdown on March 16, 2020.They were able to buy a good amount of rice.  Rice is a staple food in the Philippines. Having more than enough for her own family, she decided to pack some to share to her relatives to help.

She also has been using social media to share important information her local government is doing to raise awareness, give new regulation updates and to encourage everyone to stay at home. 

The most remarkable thing she shared that her family believes in is “poverty should never be a barrier in helping. The most important thing is to always share anything you can”

What a heart melting story from our very own scholars. We love you and we are so proud of you. Keep it up Mhai! Stay Blissful!