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Bliss Scholarship Program

How To Be A Bliss Scholar

Scholarship grants are limited and following these processes help us prioritize students who are most in need

Application Step 1

First step is to apply and submit all documents required. Information about application period, requirements and deadlines are posted on our facebook page around November every year. 

In 2020, we received a total of 55 applications.

Application Step 2
Qualifying exam and essay

After submitting the application, students will then take the qualifying exam and essay as scheduled.

In 2020, we had an additional 'on-site' applicants with their forms and documents submitted on the day of the exam. We had a total of 74 examinees.

Application Step 3

After the exam and essay, the students who passed will continue on to the panel interview.

Panel interviews are done by Bliss Founders. After the review of the 76 applicant's exams and essays,

we interviewed 27 students

Application Step 4
Final Deliberation

At this time, applicants will be waiting. For the founders, it's the toughest and longest part of the selection of scholars.

The qualifying exam, essay and interviews will be reviewed. Background and reference checks are done.

The final list of the new scholars are decided upon and whether they will get full or half scholarship grants.

Application Step 5
New Scholar Orientation and Team Building

New Bliss Scholars will be contacted directly and a full list is posted on our facebook page.

We hold an orientation day to announce their grants, explain benefits, set expectations and rules of our program.

(2020) From the 74 applicants at the beginning, there were only 11 students selected to receive scholarship.

We organize team building activities not just for the new scholars but including the current and graduate scholars for them to

connect and build lasting friendship. This is so much fun.