Bliss Foundation Ph

Chance and Hope

First of all, I’d like to acknowledge that this week, in particular, was inevitably a time that calls for a celebration or despair. Philippine Presidential Elections is a moment in all Filipino’s lives (all over the world) that is too crucial to brush off. It’s a moment of chance, change and most especially, hope. The privilege of having rights to vote is a gift that should not be taken lightly. It’s a chance for us to choose who we believe deserves to lead us and our nation. Whether our preferred candidates won or lost, more changes are bound to happen. We’ll just hope that our new leaders would have the strength to do the best and choose the most suitable decisions for our nation. But also not forgetting that every one of us have the power to actively help our own communities.

Similarly with Bliss, this weekend, is just the beginning of a series of difficult decision making. For this application period, we had over 70 applicants. Today, exam and essay is now complete. Results from those, combined with all of the other factors we take in consideration has been double checked, debated upon, voted on and thought of very thoroughly. As we progress in our selection process, the chances are becoming slimmer. We want to say thank you and we wish nothing but the best to the students who applied and took their chance.

We selected 22 applicants to move forward with the panel interview tomorrow, May 15, 2022 starting from 8am to 2pm. Interview location will be in Mr. Bryan de Guzman’s residence at Warey, Malasiqui, Pangasinan. Timers will be used to adhere to the 15-minute panel interview with the applicants. The list of qualified applicants is on the table below with the corresponding time slots. Please come on time.

Lastly, thank you so much to our volunteer scholars and Sir Janseen Junio’s students for helping us facilitate this event.

5/15/22 Update: Correction. What are the chances right? After sending out the emails to the applicants to notify them about the panel interview, we apparently have missed one applicant on this interview list. We have 23 students to interview and the last person on the list is Ferrer, Jumby S., interview time is at 2pm.